Reconnective Healing®

Reconnective Healing® means activation of self healing capabilities and finding your own ‘centre’. Thus, your inner potential can truely develop. This happens without any aid of rituals, methods, tools or body contact.

Reconective Healing® according to Eric Pearl

We all get thrown off balance at certain points in our lifetime: prolonged stress, illness, depression, physical impairment, emotional imbalance, the search for meaning of life … The list could go on and on. Often we can return to a “normal state”, but often enough we cannot do this precisely. Then we remain in an imbalance, which can negatively affect many aspects of life.

Reconnective Healing can help you to come into balance again on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. This happens through the interaction of a field consisting of intelligent energy, light, information and frequencies which exactly considers your true needs. During a Reconnective Healing session, you will get in contact with this field that immediately starts to interact with you on all levels. This will let you and your cells vibrate on a higher frequency band. Even after a session, the frequencies continue to have a healing effect. But what often takes time is the recognition and the decision by you to accept the occuring changes thus activating your self-healing powers.

Healings occur through unity and oneness. A rating of right and wrong, good and bad results in separation. Eric Pearl – ‘The Reconnection“

On the basis of this quotation, the following question is superfluous:

“Can Reconnective Healing also be used for …?“

Healing is not about one’s own expectations or symptom-removal (which equals a treatment or therapy) but that you allow yourself that you will get help in a fundamental way by accepting that the Reconnective Healing frequencies are just right for you. These frequencies will get you back into balance again. Reconnective Healing is not “better” or “worse” than any other energy healing technique or method, but it is more appropriate and comprehensive.

Even people who practice other healing techniques are impressed by the quality of the Reconnective Healing frequencies. This statement is regularly confirmed by such clients.