How does a Reconnective Healing session proceed? / fee

Before the actual session there is an introductory discussion about the proceedure and some brief formalities. I will answer your questions that may arise. During the session you are relaxing on a massage couch.

Be open-minded and relaxed of what you will experience! 🙂

The session runs without physical contact! During the interaction with the Reconnective Healing frequencies various sensory perceptions may occur, such as feeling heat, cold, movements of the air, trembling limbs, rumbling in the abdomen, jerky or slow movements, smells, sounds, colours, visible appearances … or even nothing. The presence or absence of the above given observations does not affect the quality of the healing.

When the session is done we will talk about what you have experienced. No two sessions are the same, because you are experiencing exactly what is right and necessary for you at that very moment.

With briefing and debriefing the session lasts about 1 hour and costs € 80. The fee is paid before the session begins. Thus you declare your consent that the session can be performed.

How many sessions are necessary?

Normally 1 to 3 sessions are sufficient. You should look after each session, if another session is needed at all. As a time frame between the sessions a period of about 1 week has proven effective.

What if you are not able to come to my office in person?

In the case that you are not able to come to my office by yourself you can send me a message via my contact form. I will show you possibilities, how you are still able to experience a Reconnective Healing session.


Only certified practitioners for Reconnective Healing are allowed to conduct these sessions. If you have any questions regarding the credibility of a practitioner, please contact the German Reconnection Association or

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