National Remote Viewing Congress 2019 in Cologne

National Remote Viewing Congress 2019 in Cologne

… where German Remote Viewers meet

From May 10. – 12. 2019, a national Remote Viewing congress is going to happen in Cologne-Puhlheim. During the course of the next weeks more details about the presentations and presentators will be announced.

The congress serves the exchange of information about Remote Viewing, the networking of scientists and private individuals, as well as the further development of methods and applications. Scientific studies and projects will be presented in order to give impulses for further research. Furthermore, there will be insights into the active linking of Remote Viewing with everyday (work) life.

With lectures by:

Mike Bartel
“I’m the one I found.”
A Journey to the end of the universe and to working as a healer

Tanja Quade (HP psych.)
“The digestion method”
Remote Viewing as a Way to New Psychotherapy

Dr. rer. nat. Markus Perk
“PSI, Consciousness and Physics”
Scientific statements about complementary spaces – with statements by Burkhard Heim

Laura Müller
“The Phenomenology of Seeing”
Introduction to the basics of perception relevant to RV

Manfred Jelinski
“What is Remote Viewing ? (And what not?)”
Presentation of the speakers
“The universe and all the rest”
How do we see ourselves in the society, in the whole being and what do we do so

Robert Riedzek
“The secret life of Schrödinger’s cat”
Our blurred reality – How we shape the future – The observer’s influence

Frank Köstler
“Moon, Mars, UFOs and Mysteries”
What results did sessions bring to the Moon and Mars? A review of the book “Hidden Goals” and comparison of the results with current research and developments. What did the future hold in store for us then?

Gunther Rattay
“Remote Viewer´s Skill Set”
Top or flop – natural talent, optimal learning type or what?

Max Müller (Warcollier Award Winner 2018)
A report on scientific research on Remote Viewing
(the exact title will follow!)

and a panel discussion

(subject to alterations)
Early Bird price (3-day ticket) until 31.03. (23:30 h): 99,00 €
Normal price (3-day ticket) from 01.04.: € 129.00
Day tickets for the individual event days are available at the box office.
(Friday + Sunday: € 39.00 each)
(Saturday: 59,00 €)
All prices are incl. VAT and VVK fee!

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