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Remote Viewing

Remote Viewing is a scientifically researched and proven method that allows you to work with your own subconscious mind. The advantage? By working with the subconscious mind you can reach nearly any information that is not accessible by conventional means (e.g. your own perception, books, internet, radio, etc.) and is not limited by location, space or time.

So one can say that the subconscious is the constant connection to the “all-comprehensive information cloud” which can help us in our daily life. Therefore, Remote Viewing is excellent to provide very detailed answers to specific questions, and to reduce possible blurring during decision making processes.

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What is Remote Viewing?

Remote Viewing is a methodology that was scientifically researched in the 1970’s and 1980’s at Stanford Research Institute International (SRI International) on behalf of the US government and the US military. The aim of the research was to develop a method for “everyone” (i.e. every soldier) to use the latent PSI potential of the human being in order to obtain information which is not accessible by conventional means. It was discovered that one could query almost any information by means of the subconscious mind. This information is put to paper within the Remote Viewing protocol.

The acquisition and description, by mental means, of information blocked from ordinary perception by distance, shielding or time.
Definition of the Coordinate Remote Viewing, Defense Intelligence Agency, 1986

Remote viewing is always an option when conservative methods are not sufficient or too costly to provide the information you need.

So you can say: Remote viewing is the protocol for the human information internet!

Vergleich der Stufe 3 einer Remote Viewing Session (rechts) mit der Aufgabenstellung (links, mitte); Comparision of a Stage 3 sketch (right) with the tasking (left, middle)

How is this supposed to work?

Remote viewing utilizes the natural and necessary condition of the human brain that there is virtually a free, unfiltered information exchange with a universal information store on the level of the subconscious mind.

The existence of such an information storage medium is mentioned by the well-known physicist Brian Green in the film series “Fabric of the Cosmos”. This information exchange is a physical necessity for stable life processes and is impressively demonstrated by the groundbreaking researches of physicist Burkhard Heim.

Due to the filter function of our consciousness, we are usually not aware of this exchange, because our consciousness is driving us through everyday life and is thus “fully occupied”.

However, in special or vital situations we suddenly have an “insight”, an idea, a feeling, an intuition where our subconscious mind wants to tell us something important. Then the information has such a high signal content that it could bypass the filter function of the consciousness.

Remote Viewing allows you to steer this natural process into a controlled, comprehensible, and repeatable environment to access a wealth of information.

Question: Is Remote Viewing the end of all secrets?
Answer: Well, it’s true, in a sense. … Let’s say: it eliminates secret..
J. McMoneagle in an Interview on the YouTube channel of the Remote Viewing Akademie

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