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Some applications for Remote Viewing

My colleague Robert Riedzek and me are offering the below listed services @ We are specialized in creative-intuitive problem solutions in the business environment, but we also accept private orders.

We use two variants of the Remote Viewing Protocol. These are:

  • the “Coordinate Remote Viewing” style from the German “Remote Viewing Academie”. My teacher, Manfred Jelinski, has been teaching Remote Viewing in Germany for almost 20 years. He is considered Germany’s Grand Segniuer, who has destinctly shaped the German RV community over two decades.
  • “Controlled Remote Viewing”: this variant, also used by the US military, is the evolved original form of the “Coordinate Remote Viewing” protocol and is the recognized standard worldwide. In this way international projects are smoothly linked with viewers from different countries.┬áThis has been proven on many occasions extremely helpful. My teacher, Paul O’Connor, is one of only 5 world-wide teachers approved by Lyn Buchanan and he is also a member of the IRVA’s Board of Directors.

In addition to the usual levels 1 – 6 of the Controlled Remote Viewing protocol, I also learnt Lyn’s “Medical Apps”. This module deals with viewing illnesses and activation of self-healing capabilities via RV. There are only about 2 dozen people in the world who have been taught this by Lyn Buchanan or his teachers.

The application examples for Remote Viewing are highly diverse. For example:

  • Health issues (cause and support/activation of self-healing capabilities)
  • Research and technical developments,
  • Development potential (private, occupational),
  • Conditions and events (e.g. accident -> debt),
  • Personality management,
  • Astronomical Phenomena & Exoplanets,
  • Oscillations at atomic level,
  • Criminal cases,
  • Social relationships,
  • Disappeared & Lost,
  • Historical events and the possible future,
  • Etc.

and any combination of the above mentioned topics.

Examples of applicability in the business environment:

General questions about:

  • Profit and loss tendencies,
  • Investment decisions,
  • Optimal work / focus areas,
  • Best possible timing, time of action.

Special problem analysis of:

  • Causes of an error,
  • Possible solutions for known malfunctions or goals,
  • Background of acts of competitors,
  • True content of conversations and written correspondences.

Handling of staffing:

  • Selection of persons for a project / working group / committees,
  • Decisions on promotions,
  • Disturbing elements / people working in contravention.

In addition, I learned Lyn Buchanan’s “Med Apps”, a form of Remote Viewing/Influencing, which activates a person’s self-healing capabilites.