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Example session #2

This example shows that a Remote Viewing session can result in the desired outcome even in a very short time frame (15 minutes).

A colleague had lost her cell phone on the way to work. I only had 15 minutes and offered to do a short session (Stages 1-3).

Here are the results of Stages 1-3:


I gave my colleague the pages and called her in the evening on her mobile phone. She answered. 🙂

The next day I went to the place where she had found the phone. Along the way came three shortlisted buildings to which the descriptions and the sketch may fit.


In the entrance area of building 2, she had lost her cell phone and it was still there on your way home. A comparison between image and sketch shows the clear consistency of the described elements.

In this short example it is very clear that even under harsh conditions (the target was known) and with very little time (15 minutes only) very good and useful results can be achieved. Not all aspects have to be perfect, but the target can be found on the basis of the given attributes and my colleague was very happy to have her phone back.

And that is all that matters. 🙂

PS: normal sessions take about +60 mins and usually involve complex questions (simple questions can be answered by yourself ;)). Depending on the complexity of the question / topic, one session may not be sufficient and several sessions may have to be performed.