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How reliable is Remote Viewing?

It should be remembered that Remote Viewing as been practiced for just over 40 years. The principles of this method are known, but the effectiveness can certainly be further increased.

Here one can perhaps make a comparison with a car: from the very first model of Benz to the luxurious Mercedes of today there has been a huge leap forward. In the car of today is more technology than in the Apollo capsules of the 1960’s and 1970’s, and these even flew to the moon. Nevertheless, even today these high-tech vehicles still have various complications.

Wohin geht die Aufmerksamkeit? | Where is the attention giong to?

Another point is the general perception of people. Imagine 5 people are sent to a shopping center, picked up after a while and then asked what they remember. They get matching answers (“large staircase, poster, clothes, …”), but also different answers (“ice cream”, “dog”, “umbrella”, etc.). We all perceive differently because our attention is simply differentiated. Therefore, you may need several viewers for a target, because they have different strengths (e.g. detecting emotions) and weaknesses (e.g. description of location).

After over 40 years of Remote Viewing, the initial euphoria has settled a bit, and that’s a good thing. Remote Viewing can be useful when you approach the targets carefully, stick to the rules, compare and check competing data and, if necessary, assure the gained information by using several viewers.

An important focus is also on the very beginning of each target formulation. Therefore, you should think about the exact question before starting the session. Because what you do not ask for cannot be answered.

If you have any questions regarding “What is possible with Remote Viewing and what is not?” please write me a message via my contact form.